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Hands-On Training for your Church Sound Teams 


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The HOW-TO Church Sound WorkshopTM tours offer audio and video manufacturers a unique marketing tool whereby your sound and video equipment is integrated into our touring system and becomes the main focus of the training experience. Church media staff and volunteers use your products in a professional hands-on atmosphere taught by professional sound engineers. Workshop attendees -- your potential customers -- don't just look at a product, they actually use it. Thereby gaining real knowledge about its capabilities and how it can help them to create a better church service or production.

The HOW-TO Church Sound WorkshopsTM travel to at least 36 cities each year, training thousands of worship staff and bringing sponsor information to hundreds of churches. Company logos, brochures and product are placed front & center. Audio and video manufacturers need to understand the power, influence and purchasing power of the worship marketplace. It is a sector that manufacturers ignore at their own risk. The nearly 400,000 churches nationwide need and want to know more about technology, what quality products to buy and how to use them properly in order to grow. Join us in that growth process by supporting the HOW-TO Church Sound WorkshopsTM.

For more information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact me by phone or email below.
Hector La Torre
voice: 732-320-2723  

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Hi Hector and Mike:
I wanted to write a quick note to say thanks for your continued hard work [on the Fits & Starts Productions HOW-TO Surround Sound road tours], and to extend our appreciation for the manner in which you continue to use Tannoy [speakers] in a very positive manner in your surround sound and Church sound workshops. The latest sale  [to Shenandoah University] was based on your educational workshop tours, and generated an order for 30 plus pairs of Proto J speakers. It is just another example of the value your work brings to the Tannoy brand.
Thanks again.
Marc Bertrand
Managing Director
Tannoy North America

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