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February 2012 - Winter NAMM review by Hector La Torre

June 2011 - Lightning Safety, Apps, YouTube Uses, Q&A - Y-Cables on iPods

Sept/Oct 2010 - Planning for Failure, interview with Digico mixing boards, Lampifier mics with onboard compression, How to Host a Workshop, and Part I of the No~Shock~Zone electrical safety articles. 

Mar/April 2010 - Excellence with Exhaust Valves, Building a speaker polarity "Thumper", Setting console gains, The No~Shock~Zone electrical safety blog, 700 MHz RF microphones banned by FCC.

Nov/Dec 2009 - Turkey Time, Adding a Second Mixing Board, Equalization Theory Part II, Earthworks Piano Microphones, FAQs, NAMM Info

Aug 2009 - Peripheral Vision, Microphone Tips from Bruce Bartlett, Tech-21 guitar processors, Savvy church leader FAQs, Yamaha IM8 console Interview

June/July 2009 - Deer Me, Acoustic First Tips,  Glossary, Lab.Gruppen Amp Interview

Apr 2009 - Pat Benatar, EQ Tips, Sound Examples, Aphex 230 Interview

Mar 2009 - Road to Rosa, Solder Tips, Beachtek DI, Tannoy Q-Flex Line Array Interview

Feb 2009 - No Fear, IEM's, Cable Testing, Mackie SRM350v2 Speaker Interview

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SEPT 2006 - SPL Levels, What to podcast, Marantz digital recorders


MAY 2006 - Ear training with albums, hooking up speakers, Rane G4 Gate


MAR 2006 - In-Ear Monitors for bass guitar, Channel-strip EQ, AKG FLEXX RF Mics


FEB 2006 - Tape Types, Recording to 2-Trks, Tannoy VNet Speakers, Crown CTs Amps


JAN 2006 - Cable Wrapping, Drum and Guitar Shields, Sony SPR-X500 AV Mixer


DEC 2005 - Electrical Safety, DI Box Basics, Ultrasone HFI-550 Headphones