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Hands-On Training for your Church Sound Teams

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Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart... Colossians 3:23

We're often asked why we spend so much time on the road teaching churches across the country. The best answer is that it's a call to teach. Our decades of experience in the magazine and music production worlds prepared us for teaching, and we feel comfortable in that setting, knowing that the chance to help instruct thousands of churches in their own sound ministry is a calling. This is indeed our teaching ministry. And while the long hours driving on the road and setting up gear is pretty grueling, we must remind ourselves that Christ never took the easy road either.

We have learned that anything worth doing is worth doing well. And while your own work to provide better worship sound may appear thankless at times, remember that this is being done to His Glory, not your own. Thanks for your support of this important ministry.

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The HOW-TO SOUND WORKSHOPS are dedicated to growing ministries through audio education and applied technology. As professional musicians, engineers, producers and audio writers who have worked with thousands of churches across the country, we are uniquely qualified to train your sound and praise teams in the best ways to deliver your worship message. We bring the most modern equipment and production techniques into your House of Worship. Thanks for your continued support of our important ministry. 

The HOW-TO SOUND WORKSHOPS are designed with your entire praise team and media volunteers in mind. Because of our extensive background in audio education at all technical levels, everyone from new volunteers to seasoned professionals will learn how to deliver your worship message in the best way possible. Our friendly, Hands-On approach and real world examples help your sound volunteers retain the maximum amount of information in the minimum time.  

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Our chief instructor Mike Sokol has been a live-sound, recording, and design engineer for over 38 years as well as a musician for 50 years who has run sound for thousands of Worship, Music, and Political events. In addition to teaching audio production at all levels, he's been a contributing editor for magazines such as Church Productions, EQ, Electronic Musician, and Mix, as well as a technical consultant to Apple Computer and Microsoft. During the past ten years he's presented over 600 seminars and Hands-On Workshops across North America at Churches, recording schools, universities, and professional audio organizations such as the Audio Engineering Society, the Society of Broadcast Engineers and NARAS (Grammy Awards Group).

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Hector La Torre was a recording and touring musician who felt the need to know about the record production process. He joined the Recording Institute of America and soon became its Director of Studios. Hector went on to be the Editor/Publisher of Modern Recording magazine. He then ran an artist management, recording studio and record production firm in NYC, producing artists for various labels. Mr. La Torre soon became the technical consultant to Music & Sound Output and advisor to Sound & Communications magazines. He was, until recently, the Executive Director of EQ and Gig magazines, as well as the technical consultant to Pro Sound News. Hector La Torre heads Fits & Starts Productions, a company providing seminars and workshops and consulting services to the recording industry.



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